Our team is comprised of various dedicated educators from scientists to technicians to mathematicians to engineers to good hearted volunteers. We are the students of High School South and High School North.

Board of Directors

Eric Holder


Eric Holder is a devoted member of his community, volunteering at the Plainsboro Preserve, Plainsboro tutoring, and at the Plainsboro library. He started Junior STEM as a way to supplement standard education with hands-on learning. He has a passion for STEM education, and wishes to explore it further in the future. Eric is the CEO of the and is responsible for overseeing long term growth.

Poojith Kotikalapudi


Poojith is a junior at WW-P High School South. He is a avid computer builder who has worked with multiple companies to help design and build computers including Maingear, Origin, and Intel. He has also competed on his school's Science Olympiad and Science Bowl team. As COO of the organization, Poojith has organized every event in Junior STEM and continues to ensure that the organization keeps working to help advance STEM thinking all across New Jersey.

Ajith Amba

Secretary/Public Relations

Ajith is an avid musical artist, community leader, and STEM communicator. He is currently the president of WW-P North Student Council, a March of Dimes member, and a jazz guitarist. As Secretary, he reaches out to educational institutions and ensures marketing campaigns are effective for the success of Junior STEM.

Vivek Panchagnula


I am Vivek Panchagnula. At Junior STEM. I am responsible for making lesson plans to use in our events.

Fayiz Faruk


Fayiz is currently a junior at WW-P High School South. In Junior STEM, he co-leads the Education Department, where he and other members carefully plan out every event and create lesson plans for each topic. Outside of Junior STEM, Fayiz is an avid competitor in Science Olympiad and analyzes DNA through the Rutgers Waksman Club. In his free time, Fayiz enjoys playing and watching basketball, football, and volleyball and is a die-hard fan of the New York Giants and the Miami Heat.